CES+ Provides Ecuador’s CINEXT Cinemas with CES+ Remote Support
Services Leveraging CIELO

During the Current Pandemic, CES+ Has Adapted to What Life Will Be Like Post Pandemic in Order to Support its Customers; CES+ Remote Services Allow Cinemas to Focus on Their Daily Business While Giving Them the Peace-of-Mind That CES+ Will Continue to Support Them with its Digital Cinema Solutions

MIAMI, August 17, 2021 – CES+, an integration leader in cinema equipment, software, and technology solutions, is proud to announce that it has recently partnered with Ecuador’s innovation-centric movie theatre chain CINEXT. CES+ installed remote services as well as equipped the cinemas with the latest digital cinema technologies at CINEXT’s theatres in Manta and Quito.

“At CINEXT theatres, we aim to provide a premium experience, especially during the current pandemic as well as transitioning into the post-pandemic world,” explained CINEXT representative Adriell Deller. “We needed remote services so we could continue to operate no matter the issue, and CES+ was able to provide that for us. Our cinemas are state-of-the art facilities with luxury reclining seats, delicious food, a fresh and modern design and, of course, the latest technologies which drive our customer-led mission. We’re extremely happy with the installs that CES+ provided as these were an essential component to our theatres’ overall experience.”

CES+ installed CIELO and NOC services at Cinext theatres. CIELO is a powerful platform that will increase technician productivity by 25 percent, enabling Cinext to do more with less and reduce spare part management by 30 percent…real savings when they matter most. The NOC services are CES+’s technical support center for troubleshooting, managing RMA’s, and implementing the updates that Cinext require with immediate availability.

“In addition to the CIELO and NOC services, CES+ was also responsible for equipping all CINEXT auditoriums,” added Henry Morales, CES+ account manager. “As a leader in cinema equipment, software, and technology solutions in Ecuador, CES+ works with many up-and-coming and well-known cinema establishments across Ecuador’s markets.”

Currently, CINEXT has two sites and 16 screens, and the company plans to expand in the near future. Its partnership with CES+ to install technology services was another layer to the modern experience that CINEXT is crafting for its customers.

“The trust that our client has placed in us from the beginning…not only to equip their cinemas with the latest technology but also for the management and support of our technicians…is greatly appreciated,” added Alex Younger, CES+ CEO. “We look forward to working with CINEXT to support the best in movie theatre experiences as they continue to grow.”

CES+ aims to support its clients in the search of success, and has launched a new campaign and message called The Cinema Beat: Behind the experience of going to the cinema, there is a complex system that beats. A complex universe that makes the story you are about to see come to life, making yours much more meaningful. Discover the seamless experience of unique holistic entertainment spaces with CES+.

About CES+

CES+ is an integrator of cinema equipment, software, and technology solutions. CES+ has been a family owned and operated business for more than 35 years, designing intelligent, tailor-made solutions for exhibitors.  Recent changes in the cinema industry have created more opportunities to demonstrate how impactful movies are when shared on the big screen. We work alongside exhibitors to evolve their technology and leverage the latest cinematic innovations to excite, entertain, and provide epic customer experiences.  CES+ works with exhibitors in the U.S. and LATAM markets on new builds, remodels and renovations, and equipment upgrades. 

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CINEXT is one of Ecuador’s newest and fastest growing movie theatre chains, currently with theatres in Manta and Quito, with plans on expanding in the near future. The company prides itself in providing an innovation-centric cinema experience for its customers with the industry’s latest technologies and comforts, along with showing the newest and most popular films.

CIELO is an enterprise software company that unlocks business efficiency through machine connectivity. Founded in 2015, CIELO is the fastest growing software leader enabling customers to compete in the new era of cinema with next generation technology. CIELO’s software solutions are agnostic and support the multivendor environments that exhibitors have today.

They are installed in over 16,000 screens in over 50 countries processing over 56 billion transactions a year.

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