Your cinema operation shouldn’t take you a lot of time and resources

CIELO Cinema is the simplest and most effective TMS agnostic platform in the industry for your operation management.  You will be able to optimize processes in a  very short time, saving you money.

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What our customers get when implementing CIELO

Great results from day one.





more successful shows per year*





*Based on an average exhibitor with 100 auditoriums

How it works

We have two solutions that make your Cinema Operation Management easier and more effective.

CIELO Cinema

If you are an exhibitor that needs to optimize its operations, needs more resources or are looking to increase profitability, this is for you

You will:
  • Automate alert resolution
  • Proactively assign alerts 
  • Proactively maintain your equipment
  • Access your equipment remotely
  • Automated KDM delivery
  • Automate your Cinema operation based on POS data (turn lamps on and off)

CIELO Command

If you are a NOC looking for an efficient multi exhibitor monitoring and maintenance platform, this is for you

You will:
  • Support the operation of each
    exhibitor integrating with
    CIELO Cinema
  • Efficiently manage part replacement in
    bulk across exhibitors
  • Efficiently manage maintenance tasks
    across exhibitors 



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You can save costs and time with our integrations in easy ways, access your equipment anywhere and anytime remotely.

Automatic alert resolution

Our Rescue functionality fixes problems that if not addressed will stop a show. It also informs about the problem so support teams can resolve it (bottom line is uptime increase).

Proactive assignment of alerts

We classify alerts into three groups: warning, critical, and showstoppers so Support teams can focus on what matters most.

Proactive lamp replacement management

We prepare lamp replacement campaigns based on vendor recommendations*. These campaigns allow Exhibitors to replace lamps just in time, not too early and not too late (bottom-line savings on annual lamp replacement budgets).

Proactive maintenance campaigns

Exhibitors will proactively control manufacturers’ best practices to avoid expensive unplanned breakdowns. 
We pre-program maintenance events or enable exhibitors to schedule their own maintenance milestones.

New features for the best experience

KDM Delivery

We automate KDMs so exhibitors never have to worry about a missed show again.

Many Exhibitors spend time and resources manually managing this process, which is prone to errors and lost shows. Our  KDM Delivery gives them control to distribute keys automatically by just sending them to the CIELO platform.

CineStop: Automated management of projector lamp

We allow exhibitors to reduce the number of hours used on consumables such as lamps by automatically turning them off when no tickets are sold.

We integrate with Vista’s POS and automatically turn projectors off for shows with no tickets sold increasing the life span of spare parts and saving on energy consumption.

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