Cinemex keeps boosting its cinema operations with CIELO

Miami, FL, and México City, April 26, 2022. CIELO, the global leader in cinema device monitoring and data analytics, along with one of the leading entertainment companies in Mexico with more than 23 years in the market, Cinemex, have reaffirmed their partnership to continue to deliver operational efficiencies and improve their customer experience by embracing all the new features in CIELO Cinema Enterprise.

“CIELO Cinema has helped us during all these years to control our assets by reporting critical alerts, assigning tasks to our technicians, and presenting asset information to our teams,” said David Cruz Cardenas, General Maintenance and Projection Manager at Cinemex. “We can obtain relevant and timely information from our assets to help our teams become more effective and we are looking to add different equipment to those already integrated for projection, in order to guarantee the customer experience in our facilities” 

CIELO launched CIELO QR a QR solution that creates efficient processes to keep cinema management more productive.  Currently, Cinemex has automated all aspects of its operation by implementing CIELO QR Inspections, which help them to check the picture and sound quality in their movie theaters in a short time, and CIELO QR Checklist, to keep track of their employee’s productivity in their daily tasks.

These QR Solutions are simple to use and give Cinemex real-time information to prepare mitigation plans and execute activities on time.

“CIELO provides tools that consolidate massive amounts of information in real-time reducing all the human effort and saving us lots of time and resources” added David Cruz.

Cinemex decided to implement two more features this year: CIELO CineStop, which empowers them to automatically turn off lamps for shows that have no seats sold, saving on their annual lamp costs, and reducing operating expenses, and CIELO KDM delivery that delivers Keys directly to cinema servers in as little as 15 minutes by simply emailing the keys to the CIELO cloud.

“We are very happy to work with Cinemex and help them optimize its operations to improve customer experience”; said Rafael Garzon, VP Customer Growth at CIELO. “Cinemex is leading in technology adoption and has embraced CIELO in every aspect to come out stronger out of the pandemic” he added.

About Cinemex

Cinemex is positioned in the Top 10 of the best movie chains in the world. Its mission is to give their guests the best entertainment experience, based on everyone’s effort, talent, and commitment, generating value, innovation, and lots of fun.

With the idea of ​​being able to reach more and more guests, Cinemex keeps expanding in multiple cities in Mexico. Today they have 319 complexes and 2,789 screens in all states cities in the Mexican Republic.

CIELO is an enterprise software company that unlocks business efficiency through machine connectivity. Founded in 2015, CIELO is the fastest growing software leader enabling customers to compete in the new era of cinema with next generation technology. CIELO’s software solutions are agnostic and support the multivendor environments that exhibitors have today.

They are installed in over 16,000 screens in over 50 countries processing over 56 billion transactions a year.

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