Bell Theatre Services and Prince Charles Cinema

The Cinematic Crown: CIELO, Prince Charles Cinema, and Bell Theatre Services Unveil Majestic Partnership.

Miami, FL, and UK January 09, 2024. A royal alliance is officially underway as CIELO, the global leader in cinema device monitoring and data analytics, proudly announces its partnership with the legendary Prince Charles Cinema, along with its partner, Bell Theatre Services (BTS) – the leading supplier and installer of projection and sound equipment within the UK film industry.

In the heart of London’s entertainment district, The Prince Charles Cinema commands attention on Leicester Place. Erected between 1961 and 1962, this cinematic treasure trove stands as a testament to the city’s rich film history. As the exclusive independent cinema in the West End, it has become a revered institution for movie enthusiasts, offering a rotating program that spans cult classics, thought-provoking arthouse films, and the latest Hollywood releases. 

The Prince Charles Cinema, steeped in a heritage of cinematic grandeur, stands as a testament to the cultural importance of film in the United Kingdom. CIELO’s selection as the monitoring platform by BTS empowers the Prince Charles Cinema with a suite of tools to optimize operations and generate cost savings.

“BTS are very pleased to have the CIELO monitoring platform installed at such an important venue in the heart of London’s West End cinema district.  This will help us with both preventative measures and excellent reaction times to any issues that may arise.  We have worked with the Prince Charles Cinema for many years and hope to for many more” said, Paul Oliver, Director of Operations at BTS.

BTS will enable The Prince Charles Cinema to be more proactive and to identify and resolve issues in their operations before they become problems upholding the noble traditions of this iconic cinema and elevating the art of storytelling to new heights.

“We recognize the significance of the Prince Charles Cinema in shaping the narrative of the UK’s cinematic journey. Collaborating with our partner BTS, we are committed to not only enriching this legacy but also to elevating the cinematic experience” said, Rafael Garzon, VP of Customer Growth at CIELO.

The partnership between CIELO and BTS (Bell Theatre Services) is set to keep boosting the cinematic landscape, paying homage to the traditions that make the Prince Charles Cinema a national treasure.


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