Theatre Services and Everyman Cinemas

CIELO Signs Customer Agreement With Bell Theatre Services and Everyman Cinemas

Miami, FL, and UK April 25, 2022. CIELO, the global leader in cinema device monitoring and data analytics, along with Bell Theatre Services, the leading supplier and installer of projection and sound equipment to the film industry in the UK have reached an agreement to start deployment CIELO Cinema Enterprise and Command to optimize Everyman’s operations. This agreement confirms the leadership position of both companies in the pursuit of innovation efficiency, and great customer experience.

In today’s highly demanding entertainment industry where customer experience and quality of service are the key differentiators, Bell decided to support Everyman Cinemas leveraging CIELO as a key differentiator. Everyman will have the most efficient set of tools to optimize their
operations and improve their margins.

Everyman Cinemas is joining the CIELO Ecosystem with 37 sites/125 screens in the UK and extensive name recognition in the market. “It is exciting to see how companies can improve their operations using CIELO Cinema Enterprise. We are very happy to partner with CIELO, a company that has listened to our needs and in a very short time developed and fine-tuned
features that we needed,” said, Paul Oliver Director of operations at Bell Theatre.

“We are thrilled to welcome Bell Theatre Services and Everyman Cinemas to the CIELO community. A community of the most innovative and fast-growing companies in the market,” said Rafael Garzon, VP Customer Growth at CIELO. “We are looking forward to continue helping Bell Theatre and their cinemas optimize their operations and increase customer experience so they can focus their talent and investments on building new and expanding
existing services.”

CIELO Enterprise will be adding innovation around intelligence and analytics that Bell Theatre Services and Everyman Cinema will be able to leverage with this agreement.

About Everyman Cinemas
Everyman is redefining cinema. Bringing an innovative lifestyle approach to its venues, where customers swap their soft drink for a nice glass of red wine and a slice of freshly made pizza served to their seat.

Everyman Cinema creates a warm and friendly atmosphere, with excellent food and drink selection and fantastic customer service.


About Bell Theatre
As the film industry has grown and evolved, so has Bell Theatre Services. 2012 will be remembered as the year the cinema experience went fully digital in the UK, and we remain at the forefront of the revolution. Max and the world class engineering team he has built, regularly supply technical services and support to the major film studios.

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