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CIELO Cinema Pricing

All plans receive a FREE 30-day trial of Enterprise inclusive of the CIELO Rescue Suite.

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Includes a 30 Day Trial of Enterprise


  • Lamp Monitoring
  • RAID / SMART Drive Monitoring
  • FLM-X
  • Basic Asset Reports



Per Screen Per Month

Everything in Basic plus:

  • Real-Time Monitoring with Alert Notifications
  • Lamp and Maintenance Forecasting
  • Custom Lamp Management
  • Custom Equipment Maintenance Management
  • Circuit-wide Weekly Performance & Forecast Report
  • Full Analytics Suite with over 40 reports
  • CIELO Director: Technician, Task and Alert Management Module with Built-in Ticketing System
  • iOS/Android App



Per Screen Per Month

Everything in Professional plus:

  • Full CIELO Rescue Suite
  • Automated Alert Assignments
  • Remote Control of Equipment
  • Cloud-based NOC Toolbox
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Enterprise Device Monitoring (POS/LMS/Networking)
Save 10% if billed annually

Plan Features








Real-Time Equipment Monitoring with Notification
Real-Time Equipment Monitoring with Alert Notification via Email or CIELO App of over 1000 detailed Warning, Critical and Showstopper alerts.
Real-Time Content Playback Monitoring / VPF
Monitor your Content Playback and VPF Reporting
Lamp Usage Alerts
Monitoring and insight of Lamp usage across your entire circuit
Custom Lamp Hours & Management
Manage custom lamps and custom lamp hours directly in CIELO. *Forecasts will automatically adjust
Forecasting (Lamp & Barco Maintenance)
Forecast your next Lamp change, Yearly Lamp Usage and your Barco Maintenance A, B, C and D Maintenance.
AdHoc Custom Maintenance
Create custom maintenance schedules for your Digital Cinema equipment and have CIELO track and forecast them.
Custom Alert Thresholds
Control when CIELO triggers Lamp Warning and Critical alerts, RAID usage and SMART alert
Monitor your DCI Server RAID and HDD SMART Alerts
CIELO for Android/iOS
Access to the CIELO iOS/Android App
Asset reporting for FLM-X / KDM Delivery purposes. Never have an incorrect KDM for a changed asset. Powered by CIELO Auto-detect.
Daily Digest
Daily morning email of the last 24 hours activity (alerts) at your circuit
Weekly Report Summary Email
A weekly summary report consisting of several key performance metrics for Showstopper alerts, Lamp usage, Maintenance's due, RAID Issues, Asset Changes, Software Upgrades, KDM reporting and more
Weekly Report Detailed Excel
The fully-detailed excel file download of the above


Analytics Overview Reports
The overview reports include multiple widgets that allow you at a glance to see what is happening in multiple areas such as Alerts, Operational, Asset and more.
Alert Reports
Alert reports that give you insight as to what is happening in your circuit, including alerts over time, alerts by category, region, brand and many more
Content Playback Reports
Content playback reports include reports for VPF / Content Playback, Scheduling and many more
Lamp Reports
CIELO's Lamp report suite is the most comprehensive in the industry at over 5 reports on Lamps and Forecasting
Operational Reports
CIELO offers a full suite of operational insights on KDM's, RAID Arrays, Maintenance schedules and more
Business Intel Reports
CIELO's Business Intelligence report allow you to gain insight into your savings and ROI from CIELO including CIELO Rescue, Saved Shows, Average Alert Time To Resolution and more
Basic Asset Reports
Move away from Excel spreadsheets and let CIELO do the heavy lifting for you. Bring your equipment footprint to the cloud and gain valuable insight and efficiency
Full Asset Reports
CIELO's Asset reports offer valuable insights including Asset Changes, Available Upgrades, 3D Auditoriums and many more
Audio Reports
CIELO's gives you insight to your Audio footprint including all Audio Devices and the statuses that pertain to each, such as Fader Level, Mute Status, Input Selection, Encoding format and more, easily accessible in CIELO.


Send messages to your technicians all from within CIELO
To-Do Calendar
A quick view of alerts, tasks, lamp and maintenance that will be due. Viewable in a Monthly mode and Weekly mode
Alert Management
Quickly manage all alerts from one dashboard, assign and dispatch to technicians or groups
Technician Reports
View reports by Technicians who completed alerts, compare technician efforts and provide incentive all via CIELO
Task Assignment
Create tasks in CIELO includes support for single use tasks and recurring tasks
Complex Management
User Management
Complex Groups
Create Regional groups in CIELO that allow you to run analytics on different Groups/Regions and automatically assign alerts to Region technicians
Territory Groups
Complex groups for International customers, compare countries and territories to each other

Automation & Control

CIELO Rescue
Automated resolution of projector based showstopper events during active playback.
CIELO Control
Control your equipment from anywhere on the planet.
CIELO Remote
Connect to your Digital Cinema Equipment GUI interfaces from CIELO
Connect to your LMS / TMS systems directly from
VPF / MFT Automation
Automated VPF reporting to studios
Automated Alert Assignment
Automated assignment of incoming alerts to Complex Group / Region technicians
Monitor Enterprise Servers (LMS, POS)
Monitor enterprise devices such as your LMS, Point of Sale and more
Cloud Toolbox
Access a best-in-class toolbox that includes all the communicators and tools to service equipment
Active Directory Integration
Connect your Active Directory to automate creation and deletion of users in CIELO
Point of Sale Integration
Integration with moviexchange
Third-Party Integrations
Custom integration with third-party ticketing solutions and more


  • Why choose CIELO?

    CIELO offers a white-glove experience with a dedicated customer success manager and best-in-class monitoring, insights, reports, forecasting, automation and control functionalities that enable our customers to achieve more operational efficiency, more customer satisfaction, more uptime and more.

  • Is CIELO Basic really FREE?

    Yes! CIELO Free will always be free for our customers, all you have to do is provide a device to host the software or we can provide one for a small fee.

  • How often does CIELO add new features?

    CIELO prides itself on having the most innovative and dynamic development team in the industry. CIELO releases software at least once a month, and customer requests are an everyday part of our cycle.

  • How do I switch tiers?

    Switching tiers is easy! CIELO is flexible and believes in our customer’s ability to have options. Upgrades or Downgrades can be handled with your dedicated customer success manager at any time.