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Monitoring your cinema devices from anywhere at any time... in realtime.

CIELO Monitoring offers the most robust monitoring platform in the cinema industry. From circuit-wide views to individual asset profiles, our management solution offers exhibitors the ability to actually visualize the health of their digital cinema network at all times.

CIELO Cinema Monitoring
  • Real-time Alerts

    Real-time Alerts

    Receive real-time alerts immediately though the CIELO Cinema monitoring app saving exhibitors time and money with up to the minute device diagnostics

  • Root Cause Detection

    Root Cause Detection

    Receive equipment issue notifications with device location and root cause detection. CIELO Monitoring allows exhibitors to drill down into specific diagnostic information prior to deploying on-site technicians creating a more streamlined approach to servicing troubled sites.

  • Advance Diagnostics

    Advance Diagnostics

    Detect show stoppers before they happen with real time device alert triggers. Our cutting edge technology uses several diagnostic precursor combinations that prevent failed shows, making CIELO Cinema Monitoring the most trusted pre-failure diagnosis platforms in the cinema industry.

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These modules will change the way you run your daily operations. No longer will you be running blind when it comes to knowing the health status of your equipment.