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Control your cinema devices from anywhere in the world.

CIELO Control enables you to access your projectors and server GUI from any location in the world. With CIELO Control, you have the ability to log all access points to your TMS, LMS, servers, and projectors so that you can maintain the security of your systems, while still supporting remote accessibility.

CIELO Cinema Control
  • Remote Projector Access

    Remote Projector Access

    Access all cues for your projectors remotely.

  • Remote Server GUI Connection

    Remote Server GUI Connection

    Access your server GUI remotely.

  • Remote TMS Connection

    Remote TMS Connection

    Connect to your TMS remotely.

Learn more about the CIELO modules that support your cinema.

These modules will change the way you run your daily operations. No longer will you be running blind when it comes to knowing the health status of your equipment.