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Analytics that unlock the true power of your cinema data.

CIELO Advanced Analytics provides more than 40 predeveloped reporting tools that transform raw data into powerful decision making opportunities. Our cloud-based analytics solutions create robust reports that provide deep analytics in a visual and interactive manner so it’s easy to interpret and even easier to act on.

CIELO Cinema Analytics
  • Analytics Overview Dashboards

    Analytics Overview Dashboards

    Access to a summarized view of alerts, assets and operational reports.

  • Average Time to Resolution

    Average Time to Resolution

    Improve operational outcomes by creating bench marks for on-site technicians.

  • Detailed Lamp Reporting

    Detailed Lamp Reporting

    Ease the cumbersome task of ordering and tracking lamp performances. CIELO Analytics provides detailed reports that captures lamp data and develop stocking plans based on service level objectives, budgetary limitations, and forecasts.

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These modules will change the way you run your daily operations. No longer will you be running blind when it comes to knowing the health status of your equipment.