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CIELO Cinema

Deeper Insights.

Manage, monitor, and support your cinema equipment from the palm of your hand with CIELO Cinema.

  • Monitor all of your equipment from one platform
  • Manage real-time alerts from each auditorium
  • Assign alerts automatically for streamlined issue resolution
  • Remotely access your equipment with the click of a button
  • Safe and secure, cloud-based connection with no additional hardware
  • Compatible with all cinema equipment, including projectors, servers and audio processors.

It’s time to save shows without your customers ever knowing something was wrong… all while saving you time and money and stress. And because CIELO Cinema is an agnostic cinema equipment monitoring platform, it’s compatible with all of your equipment. With CIELO Cinema, you can better understand what your equipment is telling you, all from a remote device like your mobile phone, laptop, or handheld device while you are on the fly.

CIELO Cinema

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The Industry Leader in Operations Management

We’ve introduced thousands of cinemas to a new way to efficiently manage their operations and lower their costs with our software.

CIELO Cinema

CIELO Cinema’s Competitive Advantage

  • $532,000 per year savings for mid-sized circuits


    per year savings for mid-sized circuits

  • 18,000 screens impacted


    screens impacted

  • 75% reduction in emergency on-site tech visits


    reduction in emergency on-site tech visits

  • 25% savings on support costs


    savings on support costs

  • 30,000 devices monitored


    devices monitored

  • Available on Android and iOS

    On the Go

    Available on Android and iOS

The CIELO Cinema App

Leading the way

CIELO Cinema is leading the way in pioneering technology for the cinema industry by creating the first mobile application that monitors cinema devices and controls and communicates operationally from the palm of your hand.

  • Reduce on-site tech hours by up to 75%
  • Trigger self-healing operations on projectors
  • Customize alerts for specific events
  • Manage your cinema from anywhere
  • Address equipment issues proactively
  • Collaborate faster with your support team
  • Access historical and real-time activity
  • Make data-driven decisions with 40+ predefined and customizable automated reports

Four modules that support your cinemas in different ways.

These modules will change the way you run your daily operations. No longer will you be running blind when it comes to knowing the health status of your equipment.

  • CIELO Monitoring

    CIELO Monitoring

    Access real-time visibility of your cinema, both circuit-wide and individual asset, from anywhere, at anytime. Learn More
  • CIELO Analytics

    CIELO Analytics

    Transform your data into informed and proactive decision-making giving you greater insight and better peace of mind. Learn More
  • CIELO Director

    CIELO Director

    View, assign and manage alerts across your cinema circuit so you can collaborate with support team members for faster resolution times. Learn More
  • CIELO Control

    CIELO Control

    The standard in device monitoring by creating the first agnostic, fully automated, self-healing functionality for projectors in the Cinema Industry. Learn More