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CIELO Ad Reporting

Easily Ensure Compliance

CIELO Ad Reporting eliminates the need for spot checkers and allows you to provide 100% compliance reporting of advertising played on all screens

  • 100% ad coverage throughout your circuit
  • Automated, real-time reporting on ad coverage
  • Remote accessibility
  • Advertising performance reports
  • Customizable advertising campaigns by ADV and CPL
  • $180k average savings (based on 3,000 screens)
CIELO - Ad Reporting

Reassure advertisers

CIELO Playback Campaigns empower advertisers to have documented playback compliance logs at their fingertips, allowing them to plan, activate and reassure advertisers that their content is on the screen and in front of the audience. Advertisers can group CPLs any way they like, including the customization of campaigns by certain ads or trailers to get the reports you need to be in compliance with advertisers or content providers.

CIELO - Ad Reporting

Revolutionary Cloud-Based Technology.

Our best-in-class, cinema device monitoring and data analytics broaden and deepen delivery reporting to the cinema advertising industry at large while at the same time delivering information on a closed network so data is 100% protected and secure.

Proof of Play Reporting Coverage:


Developing great campaigns and content in today’s complex Cinema Industry starts with understanding that your content is actually being played on the screen. With CIELO Ad Reporting, we remove the guesswork and provide 100% coverage, automated reporting, and fully customizable campaigns so you can save time, money, and have more peace of mind.

At $5 per screen, CIELO Ad Reporting drives substantial impacts to your business:

$180k average savings (based on 3,000 screens)