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CIELO is an enterprise software company that unlocks business efficiency through machine connectivity. Founded in 2015, CIELO is the fastest growing software leader enabling our customers to compete in the new era of cinema with next generation technology. Utilizing the latest in IoT (Internet of Things), cellular, and QR technology, CIELO’s cloud-based software connects to mission critical machines and delivers profit driving information to key decision makers. CIELO’s software solutions are installed in over 16,000 screens in over 50 countries processing over 56 billion transactions a year.

Our Mission

Empowering the world to achieve more through connectivity

Our Vision

A world without information-blindness or downtime

CIELO - Company


At CIELO, we live and work by a set of principles that serve as our guiding light in creating and maintaining relationships with employees, partners and clients. They describe the values, behaviors and practices that are the foundation of our culture and the drivers behind our success.

  • Do the right thing, always.

    In every action we take, every decision we make, we are committed to doing the right thing. We don’t take shortcuts. We don’t compromise on integrity. We always tell the truth and we own our missteps.
  • Find a way.

    Look for ways to do things rather than explaining why they can’t be done. Be solution-focused. Honor commitments. See everything all the way through.
  • Walk in our customer's shoes.

    Understand our customers’ world and build trusting relationships with them. See the world from their perspective. The better we understand them, the more effectively we can anticipate and meet their needs.
  • Embrace and drive change.

    We’re always for trying new ways to do things rather than hanging on to the old. We venture out our comfort zone with facts and data to support our choices.
  • Think team first.

    Always do what's best for the team. Be there for each other and be willing to do what's required for the team's success. Help each other to succeed.
  • Be a life-long learner.

    Demonstrate intellectual curiosity and never settle. Be resourceful about learning and sharing best practices.