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CIELO Expands into Turkey with D Sinema Destek Sistemleri Partnership

Miami, USA & Istanbul, Turkey – January 10, 2019 – CIELO Cinema, the leading platform in analytics, remote monitoring and automated support for the cinema industry, announced a strategic partnership with D Sinema Destek Sistemleri, a provider of technology solutions to expand the CIELO platform in Turkey.

The CIELO and D Sinema alliance marks an important milestone as CIELO enters the Turkish market and continues an aggressive global expansion that started in 2018. By joining forces, the two companies will offer exhibitors access to the most superior real-time analytics and remote monitoring capabilities from the palm of their hand.

CIELO Expands into Turkey with D Sinema Destek Sistemleri Partnership

“D Sinema is a successful technology company in the Turkish cinema industry and is well-poised to successfully launch the CIELO Cinema platform in the region,” said Lance Gil VP of Global Sales for the CIELO Cinema division. “At the same time, CIELO will help broaden D Sinema’s product offering and expertise in the Turkish cinema market*.”

As an emerging provider for the cinema industry, D Sinema is a technology-driven company offering innovative solutions that increase cost-effectiveness and productivity. By partnering with CIELO and onboarding the CIELO platform across their client base, D Sinema will be better equipped to produce new end-to-end solutions and greater customer experience to moviegoers in Turkey.

“We were looking for a disruptive product in the cinema device monitoring space and now we have found it in CIELO Cinema. We are very excited to have partnered with CIELO in order to have the ability to offer a true enterprise solution to our clients here in Turkey,” said founder Gokhan Ozcevik.

CIELO revolutionized the movie industry when it launched in 2015, marking a turning point in theater operations as exhibitors joined the Internet of Things (IoT) era. In 2019, CIELO aims to continue entering new regions to deliver its revolutionary suite of digital products to the cinema industry across the world.

*Source: International Union of Cinemas